CyberRisk by the Project Lab

Understand your organisation's cyber risk.

Do you know what cyber risks your organisation is exposed to? Let's find out together!

24/7 monitoring.
Monitor your business's digital assets, at any level, to identify vulnerabilities and security gaps, prioritise risks, and track remediation.
Incident response.
We will help you develop a tailored incident response plan, which will prepare you for any cyber incident that comes your way.
Reduce your 3rd party vendor risk.
Control your third-party risk, monitor your vendors, automate your vendor on-boarding process, and achieve compliance.

Due to the current threat landscape, investing only in protection isn't enough.

 This means investments in protection, awareness, and response must be aligned to the business.

What's important about cyber risk?

Don't become a statistic of the world's fastest growing crime.
of Australian businesses have been interrupted by a security breach in the past year, with half of these costing between $1 million and $5 million.
* Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Global average cost of a data breach in 2019, a 12% increase in the last five years.
* UpGuard

The age of data breaches is here.

Stay ahead of the game.
It's important to get in the habit of regularly monitoring, maintaining and improving your cyber security posture. Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit even the most sophisticated IT security measures.

We will help you

 develop systems to reinforce your organisation with industry-leading cyber security practices and advisory services.

Helping you build organisational resilience.

Combining great solutions with expert advice.

Every organisation is unique, however, there are common cyber fundamentals to consider when building organisational resilience and lowering cyber risk.

Our discovery process is designed to assist you identify your organisation's cyber risks and prioritise investments in technology, processes, awareness, and other security controls.
Governance, risk management and compliance

Compliance and cyber risk go hand in hand.

When organisations process and store information about their consumers, employees, and business partners, they take on the responsibility of keeping that information safe.

There are several best practices for mitigating the financial and reputational risks associated with legal noncompliance, with third-party risk management becoming a focus point as an increasing source of legal vulnerability.
Prevent third-party data breaches

In today's interconnected economy, companies heavily rely on third-parties.

The increasing number of third-party data breaches have negatively impacted consumer trust. It's increasingly common to outsource large parts of your business to dedicate vendors who specialize in that function, whether that be via a SaaS vendor, third-party service provider, or contractor. This is why third-party risk management and vendor risk management form an important part of any organisation's risk management strategy.
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