Why CyberRisk?

About us

Our goal is simple.

To raise awareness and mitigate cyber risk through investments in cyber security.

Our people

Brendan Thannhauser
Practice Manager - Cyber risk
Brendan has 20+ years of leading technical and business risk assessments and mitigation activities within the global IT, Telecommunications and Financial Services Industries. He has managed complex strategic programs and initiatives for global 100 organisations, participating in ISO certification audits and conducting more than 20 sustainability/risk audits of RTOs for the Victorian Government.
Alan Smith
Cyber risk consultant
Coming from a strong entrepreneurial background, Alan has worked across project management, analysis and design, branding, and cyber security. Alan thrives in new environments, and is always looking for unique out-of-the-box solutions to new and evolving problems.

Cyber risk is important in every business.

Small, medium or large; public or private sector; every organisation is at risk from a cyber attack. Cyber risk management is about understanding the likelihood and impact of a cyber event to business continuity. It’s just another theme in all of the risks you currently manage.

Ask yourself: Are we considering cyber security risk management in our operational plan?

Where do you start?

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) framework sets out five simple steps for managing cyber security risk. Start thinking about how your business would function without its most valuable assets. Our Take 5 booklet explains the NIST framework and you can download it below, or find it on our publications page.

Our consultants have years of experience advising and consulting with Australian businesses to successfully manage and mitigate cyber security risk. And we’re experts in the NIST cyber security framework and the work involved in its implementation.

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